Darkmode – Techno Has Soul

Filed Under (Techno) on 24-04-2012

Darkmode – Techno Has Soul

Artist: Darkmode
Title: Techno Has Soul
Label: Biotech Recordings
Style: Techno
Quality: 320 kbps

Biotech Recordings brings you its 12th release Techno Has Soul EP from the UK’s Techno & Electro maestro Darkmode who is know for his cutting edge & forward thinking production. The Love Machine is pure analogue Techno that oozes sex appeal with a sexy warm arpegiator bass line & a sexy female vocal edit this track goes to show that Techno can be sexy. The deep futuristic synth pad & piano sample edit gives it a dark futuristic vibe that will work well at a dark Techno event in a club. Techno Has Soul is a chunky funky dark Techno affair with a dark brutal bass line with a Detroit sounding vibe & deep a synth pad which will take you on a journey Darkmode takes no prisoners with this track it’s pure Techno with soul. Darkmode shows his love of Detroit Techno with Deep Impact an epic sounding track with a deep futuristic arpegiator bass line & a deep Detroit sounding Darkmode wares his hand on his sleeve which this track as it’s full of emotion. MC 60 is pure Electro with soul! The dark futuristic arpegiator bass line & cinematic synth pad gives it a sci-fi film soundtrack vibe Darkmode takes you on a journey with this track it sounds like it was made in the future by androids in the 24th century.

1. Darkmode – The Love Machine (Original Mix)
2. Darkmode – Techno Has Soul (Original Mix)
3. Darkmode – Deep Impact (Original Mix)
4. Darkmode – Mc 60 (Original Mix)